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“Babylon Revisted” March 22 Blog

March 21st, 2011 by Patricia Nichtern

For Charlie in “Babylon Revisited”, Paris used to be a city of excitement and opportunity.  He was wealthy and successful, thus Paris afforded him a certain luxuries.  All of his experiences there “refined” his “feeling and perception” of Paris as a place of wonderment where he lived a lavish lifestyle (Tuan 102).   Paris “clarified his social roles and relations” between his friends there who also were able to go out for expensive dinners, to museums and see plays (Tuan 102).   He was “a sort of loyalty, almost infallible, with a sort of magic around” him (Fitzgerald 249).  When he returned several years later, the Paris that he remembered was drastically different and so was he.  Charlie had lost much of his money and success and was therefore unable to experience Paris the way he had several years earlier.  After the stock market crashed, like Charlie, many Americans had also left the city because they could no longer afford the luxury of living abroad.  The Parisians who also partook in this lifestyle were devastated by the war, thus Paris was not the mystical place it had once been.  The restaurants and bars were not busy as they once had been and many of his friends were either not there or could not afford to do the things they used to do.  For Charlie now, Paris was desolate and depressing and only served as a reminder of what life once was; “the place oppressed him” (Fitzgerald 248).

Charlie’s brother and sister-in-law’s home in Paris is “warm and comfortable” (Fitzgerald 249).  Although this city seems to be a shell that it once was, their home had only become more stable and comforting for their family.  His daughter, niece and nephew are very happy living there harmoniously.  The home provided for the children a sense of safety and importance (Fitzgerald 259).  The creation of their home and their experiences within it “captures an ideal” atmosphere, as well as an ideal family (Tuan 106).

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